Quite a bit louder now

Today, while I was tending to very important work-related matters on Facebook, I came across this article several Griz faithful had reposted.

While I don’t really care about the rest of the article, this quote from the South Dakota quarterback, who recently played Nebraska in front of more than 85,000 people in the Cornhuskers’ stadium, piqued my interest:

“Coming here, we thought this would be the loudest crowd we’ve ever faced,” quarterback Thomas O’Brien said. “But I’d say Montana was quite a bit louder.”

That’s right, biotches. Despite your big-name stadiums that hold two or three times as many people, the 26,000 fans who pack Washington-Grizzly Stadium will still blow you out of the water.

The fact that Wa-Griz is basically in a hole surrounded by sound-deflecting mountains may significantly contribute to the acoustics that enable this deafening crowd noise. However, that is not the point. The point is that Montana is awesome, and every other team that plays in every other stadium can suck it.

Washington-Grizzly Stadium (egriz.com photo)

This also proves Montana pretty much has the best fans in the country. And you know who’s behind every good fan base? Why, the mascot, of course! So go vote for Monte in the Capital One Bowl Mascot Challenge. He’s in a tight battle with that damn nut from Ohio State, who’s trying to get sympathy votes because he can’t defend himself from a Bobcat.

Griz Nation, I’m sure you’ll agree that’s just pathetic. Please, for the love beans, don’t let him lose to that.

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  1. Goood reading your post


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