My legen — wait for it — dary prediction for the final scene of HIMYM

Since “How I Met Your Mother” is going for the record for longest MacGuffin in history, and because this season in particular has moved so, so painfully slow, and because I watched a lot of episodes on Netflix while home sick … I’ve developed an epic prediction for what the final scene of the show will entail.

Fans will recall the season 7 episode “No Pressure,” in which Ted declares his love for Robin
A-GAIN, and she shoots him down A-GAIN (seriously Ted, is she really that hot?).



“Wobiiiiiiiin! I wuv youuuuuu! Why don’t you wuv meeeeeeeeee?”
(I mockingly say this as if I didn’t bawl my eyes out during this episode.)


We also learn in that episode that Lily and Marshall have been placing “long-term bets” with each other. In one, Lily bets Marshall that Ted and Robin won’t end up together.

A series of flashbacks ensues — Ted getting engaged to Stella, Marshall and Lily driving to Ted and Stella’s wedding, Marshall and Lily at Ted and Stella’s wedding before Stella leaves Ted for Karate Guy — in which Lily asks Marshall to pay up, and Marshall always replies “not yet …”


Pay up

Not yet …


Fast-forward back to the current episode, which seemingly ends with Ted declaring once and for all that he’s “over Robin” (uh huh …). Lily asks Marshall to pay up, and he still replies “not yet …”

So, based on that, here’s my prediction for how the final scene will play out:

The scene will unfold at Ted and The Mother ‘s wedding reception, during which they will clearly be so head-over-heals in love with each other, leaving Ted to be all like “Robin WHO?”

It’ll cut to Marshall and Lily sitting at a table, and Lily will ask Marshall to pay up. Marshall will shrug and … hand over the 20 bucks. Finally.

BAM! Mind blown, right?!  Oh man, I’m tearing up just thinking about it!

And I swear, if this actually does happen, but Marshall still replies “not yet … ”


Seriously, I will. If this show ends with even the tiniest sliver of a chance that Ted still wants to end up with Robin, EVEN THOUGH HE’S FINALLY MET THE DAMN MOTHER AND SHE’S EVERYTHING HE EVER DREAMED OF, I will revolt. REVOLT.

I imagine many HIMYM fans also feel strongly about this. Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, I hope you’re paying attention.

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  1. I completely agree. Ted and Robin do not belong together and I really hope they finally close that storyline properly.


  2. Lol well I will commit suicide if that happens 😛 I don’t think this is gonna happen. Though I am tired of the slow story ….. Nice review !


  3. Nice post. That’s funny I’ve been out if work the last six weeks, going back Monday, and I too have been binging on HIMYM but on cable instead of Netflix. When I rewatched them not in any particular order it really fills in a lot of blanks just because I have forgot a lot of stuff that happened. I’m a little disappointed in how they wrote the final few seasons. I never thought marshal ever wanted to be a judge, I always thought he wanted to be a environmental lawyer. And I’m sorry I don’t think Barney and Robin should have ended up together either, it just doesent make sence. I’m sorry if you don’t agree but that’s the way I feel. Even with all that it still is one of the better comedy’s of all time


  4. Awesome prediction! I’m so over this show.


  5. Posted by Beth on February 18, 2014 at 4:38 am

    My prediction was pretty similar. I thought that the exchange of money would take place at Barney and Robin’s wedding though.

    I was thinking that Ted would leave to get the train back to the city and then Lily would ask Marshall to pay up. Marshall would ultimately agree and pull an envelope out of his pocket. Just as we see him handing this over to Lily we see Ted waiting at Farhampton station and we hear The Mother’s footsteps along the platform towards Ted. Then when the money reaches Lily’s hand Ted will look up and see The Mother.

    I think it would be a really symbolic way of showing that Ted is finally over Robin.
    This wouldn’t be the end of the episode though because we know that the last 10mins feature the children too! 🙂


    • Ooh, I like yours, too! I really was NOT a fan of the “floating Robin balloon” from the last episode. Thought it was cheesy. Hope that’s not the actual “letting go of Robin” moment.


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