I won an award! (not really) (at all)

The local paper I work for has a “Young Professional” article in the Business section each Sunday. It features a short profile on a younger working lad or lass in the community, who is typically nominated by the area chamber of commerce. Sometimes we don’t have any submissions though, and a staffer has to step up. And, lucky me, I was The Chosen One this past weekend.

So, really, my Young Professional profile is more of a “we didn’t have any submissions so you have to do it” kind of thing than “an honor,” but I tried to have some fun with it. Check it out if you feel so inclined.


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  1. Posted by Mythoughts76 on January 30, 2014 at 2:27 pm



  2. Please don’t think I’m a stalker. Now I think that you are even more cool than when I first discovered your blog. It’s a REAL award! Don’t sell yourself short. You’re fabulous and awesome and hopefully that’s what the trophy sitting on your desk says 🙂 Congrats!


  3. Congrats on being chosen! I’m sure you are not the only employee at the GFT, so the honor of you being chosen is just that: an honor. They could have picked anyone else, but did they? No! I love how you spiced up the piece. It really showed some insight into your sense of humor. You deserve to be spotlighted.


  4. Never under-rate an achievement. You earned it fair and square. There are so many times you will miss out so take this one and work the averages. Well done B


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