We had some visitors and now our bunny might be Mormon

So this conversation happened today:


Mormons 1

Mormons 2


So, yeah. Pancake might be Mormon now. It’s hard to tell. Because she’s a bunny. And I decided when we first got her that she is Jewish. But whatever, her religion is her choice, not mine.

(In case people get the sensies about this: I mean no offense to Mormons in general or the particular Mormons who stopped by, who were perfect gentlemen and at least pretended to be interested as I rambled on about my pet rabbit even though I’d just told them I had no desire to learn more about their faith. I know a lot of Mormons and though I don’t agree with many of their beliefs, they’re all genuinely nice people. Their particular religion just isn’t my “jam,” as the kids would say.)

(As I wrote that, I realized it sounds a lot like when racist people say they can’t be racist because they have a black friend. Oh well, I stand by it. ‘Merica.)

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  1. Lol! Omg this is gold! Hahaha!

    Jess x


  2. Posted by Elaine Spino on April 6, 2014 at 6:22 pm

    Well, you did it again. Made me laugh out loud and read it aloud to John for a second chuckle :).


  3. OMG lady! You are awesome 🙂 I think we all need to see a picture of Pancake so we can assess her religious leanings–more out of curiosity than judgment.

    So, funny story. My daughter used to date a Mormon boy, two of my brothers married Mormon girls. I’ve learned a lot in the last 5-6 years. I’m right there with you…nicest people in the world, just a bit off-kilter from my little world of beliefs. side note: my daughter’s old boyfriend is getting married in a couple of weeks (at the ripe age of 22!) and he invited us to the wedding. ‘Merica at it’s finest 🙂

    PS: I TOTALLY thought of you yesterday. I took my pooch for a 7 mile run and we encountered at least a dozen squirrels along the path. I’m happy to say that none were hurt in the process, but my arms and knees are killing me today from holding that 80 pound beast back!


  4. My ‘pet possum (very large and aggressive squirrel)’ is definitely not a Mormon, although he may have a bit of an interest. He takes solitude in my bedroom wall and only de-camps when his fast has concluded.
    A Mormon rabbit? Well,that’s funnier than the parrot called ‘Terry’ who thinks of himself as a dog.
    Very, very funny bunny story.B


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