Awkward is the new sexy, damnit!

For Christmas, Zach’s mom wanted a “nice” photo of us for her to frame. So we decided to employ the photographic stylings of a J-school classmate, the uber-talented Shane McMillan, to get the job done.

Now, neither of us is very photogenic, and Zach has an issue with smiling for photos, so I knew it was going to be tough for Shane to get some good shots, though it seemed like he took about a thousand. Still, there was no way of foreseeing the extreme awkwardness that would follow. Seriously, we could have won the Awkward Engagement Photos Contest on (Though these are NOT engagement photos. I repeat, THESE ARE NOT ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS.)

So, without further delay, here are the most awkward of the awk:

A) Hey Zach, is that your best Blue Steel, or are you dropping Magnum on us?

Shane McMillan photos

2) This one probably¬† explains why my friends used to (somewhat lovingly, I think) refer to me as “Tool” Squires. As in “Your parents should have named you Tool. That’s right, Tool. Tool Squires.”

D) And if this image doesn’t inspire romance and passion in couples around the world, I don’t know what will:

Yes, I have kissed a boy before, though this this pic would suggest otherwise. I mean, that’s seriously what I look like going in for a kiss?!? Zach at least looks like he knows what he’s doing and that he might actually enjoy it; I look like I’ll be lucky to even find his mouth. If I ever have some uncontrollable urge to commit me some unsightly PDA, this image burning in my memory will surely squelch it.

Despite what these selections suggest, we didn’t look completely awk in all the photos. We had quite a few quality shots to choose from; this one turned out to be the fan favorite:

(FYI — Zach and I have nearly a dozen fans, so that’s really saying something.)

Both the fams loved their photo gifts, and we’ll hopefully never have to go through that again. After all, I’m awkward enough as it is, damnit.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Guuurrrrh, uh, um…kisses?

    You guys are adorable.



  2. Posted by Danny Davis on January 13, 2010 at 3:54 pm

    you two need help.


  3. I know. To both.


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