A tribute to … POPPLES!

Hey, remember Popples? Of course you do, because they totally KICKED. ASS.

In case you missed out on the greatest toy fad of the ’80s, Popples were these magical teddy bear/bunny/pompom/clown crossover stuffed animals with sweet pouches they could roll up into.

The concept behind Popples was quite simple: You pop it in. You pop it out. Pop, pop, Popples! Giggles ensued. They could also keep some pretty neat shit in those pouches.

There were several varieties of Popples, such as:


Standard Popple


Baby Popple


Sporty Popple


Popples in a Boot


French Popples


Pompous Popples


Edible Popple


Card Catalog Popple


Pervert Popples


Drunk Off Their Asses on a Merry-Go-Round Popples


Hippie Stoned Out of His Mind on a Bean Bag Popple


Popples enjoying the annual Popple Convention


And of course, the Original Popple

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  1. you know, when i got really bored in Montana, i just left.


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