This is why dudes don’t plan weddings

With less than three months to go until the Big Day, the wedding planning has kicked into high gear! I went to pick up our invitations today, as well as envelopes we had printed with addresses. Much to my horror, I discovered a major error as soon as I looked at them:

I have trouble focusing sometimes. Sorry.

I have trouble focusing sometimes. Sorry.

Yep, they spelled Zach’s name wrong, which sticks out like a sore thumb, especially when you’re obsessed with the correct spelling of things and whatnot, like I am. And I was a little annoyed that the shop tried to claim it must have happened because his name was spelled that way on the spreadsheet I gave them. I was fully vindicated upon review of said spreadsheet, naturally.

Now, of course I knew right away that we would need the shop to redo them, so that’s exactly what I requested. But when I sent the photo to Zach, who I thought was the real victim in this situation, this was his response:


Ummmm, what?! Who doesn’t care if his own name is spelled wrong on the envelopes for his wedding invitations?! DO I EVEN REALLY KNOW THIS MAN?! WHAT AM I GETTING MYSELF INTO?!?

My response reflected the gravity of the situation:


By the time I’d sent that, I had already made the decision to have them redone and was on my way to pick up a delicious sandwich, but the point that we cannot just disregard the little details still needed to be made.

I’m sure this is just the first of many Total Bridezilla Freakout Moments (TBFMs) we’ll experience over the next few months. But Zach really has pitched in a lot with the wedding planning, much more than I imagine a lot of grooms do. (Think our wedding website is the most hilarious thing you’ve ever seen? Yeah, that was pretty much all him.) I’m pretty lucky I get to marry him in June.

What do you think?

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