Happy third anniversary to our little flufflepuff!

Happy anniversary to our little fwuffy wuffy bunnykins! It’s been exactly three years since we first brought our little furball of joy, Pancake, home.

Fwuffy-wuffy wufferton

(Oh, and for those of you who have been agonizing for an update since the last, somewhat grim post about Pancake … sorry. She made a full recovery and is fluffier than ever now!)

Our shy little bunny has made a lot of progress since we first brought her home. She’s gone from not even wanting to leave her cage when we first got her to effectively taking over our entire apartment:


It’s Pancake’s house. We just live in it.

(We actually had to build this pen after she was sick because she turned into a chewing monster for a while and couldn’t be left alone without tearing into the carpet or wall trim. Side note: Our landlord will never, ever let another rabbit owner live here. Ever.)

Also, after only three short years of getting to know each other, our wittle Lady McFluffle finally lets us pet her without completely freaking out and running away! And by “pet,” I mean stroke her on the head, and maybe her side, for about 30 seconds before freaking out and running away. Progress! Now, picking her up is still an ordeal that involves using a blanket and other absurd strategies, affectionately known as The Bunny Grab. But at this rate, who knows what the next three years will bring!

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