Which badass creature should appear in our wedding photos? VOTE NOW!

You’ve probably seen this sweet photo of a wedding party being chased by an imaginary dinosaur:

Quinn Miller Photo + Design

Quinn Miller Photo + Design

It’s basically awesome, and now my new life goal is to have at least one photo from our wedding with a badass creature Photoshopped into it. I’ve considered a few options, and you, dear readers, GET TO VOTE ON THEM! Whichever option gets the most votes will be worked into our wedding photography! (Pending approval of our amazing photographer, Suzie Mauro.) (Pleeeease, Suzie! Pleeeeeease!)

Your choices:

  • Bigfoot/Sasquatch (real or Sky Mall version)


  • Capybara (aka giant hamster that I love and want to get as a best friend for Pancake)



  • Party squirrel Bearing Money and Gifts

Birthday squirrel

  • Buster Bluth (post-loose-seal incident)


  • Emo Llama

Emo llama

  • ALF


Our fate is in your hands! VOTE NOW!

One response to this post.

  1. Let a real version Squatch carry away the bride! 🙂


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