And the winner of the “Which badass creature should appear in our wedding photos” contest is …

Well, take a look for yourself!


It’s subtle at first, but once you see him, you can’t NOT see him … ALF. Mother. Effing. ALF.

I was already kind of obsessed with this photo before, sans-ALF, but pretending that this furry, cat-eating Alien Life Form was actually at our nuptials — shutting down the bar, no less — pretty much made my life. And, naturally, he and I are the only ones who can hold our liquor.

Thanks again to our awesome photographer, Suzie Mauro of Zomak Photography, for her fine work on this (and all) our photos. I suspect few wedding photographers would oblige such a ridiculous request. Sorry if this means you’ve compromised your professional integrity, Suzie. We assume it was worth it though.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Completely worth it. And considering it even made my hubby LOL, I call it a win. Congrats again. It’s been my pleasure.

    Just wait and see what appears in your newborn photos…..


  2. […] was pretty good to me. I got married to my best friend. ALF was at my wedding. (True story.) I have awesome friends, a loving family and the privilege of living in Big Sky Country. My […]


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