The stigma of buying toilet paper

Why is it that when you run into someone you know at a store, and they happen to be lugging around a big package of toilet paper, they get all embarrassed about it?

Isn’t it a good thing for people to know that you do, in fact, use toilet paper? Shouldn’t we be suspicious of people we never see buying toilet paper?

I’ve put a medium amount of thought into this, and, yes. We should definitely be suspicious of people we never see buying toilet paper.

Toilet paper

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  1. I’m proud of my toilet paper buying skills…it’s why I’m still married today (“lotion TP” is in my hubby’s terms of use and agreement marital contract)

    SO great to see something from you Allison, I’m behind–heading over to get caught up in your space (have you moved yet??)


  2. We recently discovered the convenience of having it delivered via Amazon 🙂


  3. Posted by Laurin Lindsey on June 10, 2014 at 2:23 pm

    I guess there are some that would be embarrassed. I have an ex that couldn’t buy tampons….like someone thought they were for him?, he couldn’t hold my purse either? I would say to him, if they noticed, they would think you are a great husband that can shop on his own. I can’t think of a time I ever looked at what someone else was buying and thought anything….well unless it was a red sports car : )


  4. I have one word for you: bidet 🙂


  5. This is so funny to read given that only last week I lined up at the check-out behind a young lady with a giant pack of at least 100 rolls. She was, unfortunately sent packing from her position in line, after being informed that the pack she had presented was in fact the wholesaler’s delivery bulk packet which was yet to be stacked on the shelf.
    The lady in question was totally un-moved by the possibly embarrassing situation and I’m sure my embarrassment at being the possible offender (as perceived by the remaining customers), was dis-proportionally higher than her’s.B


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