Here’s another riddle for you, Internets!


Why does my child appear green in this photo?

a) Poor natural lighting in our house

b) Because my iPhone camera has been on the “Process” setting for the entire year I’ve had it and I just realized it today

c) She’s about to vomit on my face

d) She’s an alien

Share what you see in the comments below! And be sure to start fights with your friends and family over it!

2 responses to this post.

  1. Hahaha! I think it’s (b)
    Yeah I know… crazy obsession right?! If only more important issues became viral as quickly as that stupid dress!


  2. Maybe you accidentally placed here in a teleport pod and a chameleon happened to wander inside the pod a second or two before you transported her to the second pod? Continue to monitor her for other chromatic changes and oddities, particularly when she is placed against objects and backgrounds of alternating colors.


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