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I got the best email of my life today and I’ll probably never know who sent it

Today at work, I received this email that was auto-generated from a message someone submitted on our website:

Best email everWhich is without a doubt based on this Andy Samberg skit from SNL, of which I am a big fan:



It’s pretty much the best email sent. Ever. And of course, I wanted to know who the delightful individual behind it is. So I emailed the submitted address (though I had my doubts):

Dear you

Alas, as I suspected, this is the only reply I received:

Delivery failedI thought maybe I could call the number listed, which includes the Hollywood area code. But then I saw the next three numbers are 555, which, of course, is what starts any “fake” number on TV and in movies. Sigh.

Will we ever know who this remarkable human being is? Odds are probably not.

But perhaps, in the distant future … our paths will cross, and we’ll lock eyes … we’ll both know that it’s time … to steal the Declaration of Independence.

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