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Happy Vegetarian Awareness Month!

Are you aware I am a vegetarian? Well, now you are! So happy Vegetarian Awareness Month!

OK, I am actually a pescetarian, meaning I eat seafood but no other meat. But we don’t have our own awareness month yet, so I’m jumping on the vegetarians’ bandwagon for now. Though I’d probably be shunned by the “real” vegetarian community, because I still use chicken stock to cook and sometimes I make Zach give me a bite of a meatball if it looks good.

I stopped eating meat about five years ago, mostly because:

a) I don’t really like it (it’s a texture thing, mainly);

2) I feel better when I don’t eat it; and

d) There was this one time when I went to the grocery store and got some sliced turkey at the deli and the guy sliced it way too thick and it was super gross and slimey and had those big pockets of fat and just looking at it made me want to barf.

Zach likes to joke that I’ve been a vegetarian ever since┬áthat unfortunate incident, but it was actually a big decision that I put a lot of thought into. Do I miss cheeseburgers sometimes? Of course. Do I have rage blackout whenever I can smell my neighbors cooking bacon? Depends on how hungry I am, cuz I can get real crabby when my blood sugar’s low.

It’s definitely a personal choice that works well for me, and I try not to be the preachy douchebag who sucks all the enjoyment out of eating for people who consume food other than ricepaper cracker flats. I’m sure PETA wouldn’t approve, but I am OK with that.

OK, I'm sure it's not true that I'm never douchey about it. If I'm being douchey about it, tell me. Seres.

OK, I doubt that I’m NEVER douchey about it. But if I’m being douchey about it, tell me. Seres.

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