It’s Squirrel Awareness Month!

Screw Vegetarian Awareness Month … did you guys know it’s also SQUIRREL AWARENESS MONTH?! I knew there was a day of appreciation in January, but I was only recently enlightened that the entire month of October exists because of squirrels and our continuous need to be aware of them.

So, here are some squirrel-related items you should be aware of:

a) This sweet hat my awesome friend Eleena sent me when she found it at H&M in Portland

Squirrel hat

Squirrels in love!

2) The greatest commercial ever, starring squirrels. YOLO!


What are your plans for Squirrel Awareness Month? Have you come across anything particularly squirrelly lately?

One response to this post.

  1. The amount of love that I have for that Sears commercial is…well, it’s unreal. The cuteness, the revolt, and especially the tiny fires. OMG this is awesome.


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