Some people just don’t want squirrels to succeed

Perhaps you’ve seen this video of a badass squirrel hi-jacking a model airplane and performing some death-defying stunts. It’s delightful.



Some people, like whoever wrote this article, will try to tell you it’s a hoax. These people are total downers who don’t want you to believe that squirrels are capable of such spectacular accomplishments. Don’t buy into it. This is pure, unadulterated Squirrel Magic, kids. Believe it.

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  1. Hey stranger! Was just thinking about you today. Hope all is well and thanks for the belly laugh!


  2. You know what, Allison — f*** the naysayers! I know what I saw — it was a SQUIRREL flying an AIRPLANE. I saw it with my own two eyes – and more important — I WANT TO BELIEVE.


  3. Posted by Mythoughts76 on March 20, 2014 at 6:15 am

    And the squirrel didn’t jump out in midair to land in a tree?


  4. I’m a believer. My backyard squirrels amaze me every day with their death defying feats. None have taken off in an airplane yet, but I figure it’s just a matter of time.


  5. There was an evil-genius squirrel that lived in the backyard of a place I rented in DC. It terrorized me and my roomies. I’m convinced he could pull this off. 🙂


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