I’m a twit

Well, it’s official. I’m a twit. Meaning that after resisting for more than a year, I’m now on Twitter. I resisted for so long because I thought it was a silly fad that would die out soon enough. I did the same thing with Facebook when it debuted in 2004, and anyone who’s friends with me on it now knows I can’t go three hours without checking the damn thing.

But, alas, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Twitter isn’t going away. It’s become a mainstream medium for communicating about everything, from angst-ridden teenagers complaining about their parents not letting them go to a Weezer concert (that never happened to me, I swear) to newspapers spreading the latest breaking news. 

I first realized Twitter may actually be a relevant (and succinct, which I can’t complain about) form of communication after it actually proved itself useful following Iran ‘s crack down on traditional journalists and media in wake of its controversial election last June. And now, when you Google a hot news or pop culture item, a scrollable feed with the latest Twitter results pops up, regardless if you tweet or not.

(On a slightly amusing side note: The first autofill phrase that popped up when I Googled super cute gold medalist Evan Lysacek  was “Evan Lysacek girlfriend.” That so would have been me 10 years ago.)

Anyway, since there’s really no escaping the Twittersphere, I decided to just jump on the bandwagon and get it over with. You can follow me, if you so desire, as ALSquires29. I promise I won’t pull a Thumper on you.

What do you think?

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