In a nutshell: Unsportsman-like conduct, unfortunate apology, furry friends

(EDITOR’S NOTE: “In a nutshell” is a new, occasional series featuring some select musings/tangents of Squirrel.)

Though I don’t actually care, I rooted for the Lakers to win the NBA Finals. But only because they’ve been Papa Squirrel’s favorite team since he was 5 or something, so sure, whatever, go Lakers. But when sports reach the professional level, shouldn’t the fans be over the “booing the other team’s players when the announcer introduces them before the game” antic? I mean, if this were Capital High School, c. 2002, and the Bruins were about to take on Helena High in a highly contested crosstown match, upon whose outcome the Fate of the World rested, and the Capital student fans all pretended to read newspapers while the announcer listed off the opposing team’s players, then it would be cool. (Try to do that with the Internet! Ha!) Mainly because high school kids are not yet a recognized division of civilization, so they can get away with such hijinks. Until the principal threatens suspension, at least. Once you graduate from high school though, you’re technically a Responsible Member of Society, so you can at least pretend you believe in the ideals of good sportsmanship before the game starts.


Speaking of good sportsmanship, how ’bout them Republicans? They’re such good sports about this whole worst-environmental-disaster-in-U.S.-history thing that they apologized for “shaking down” the company that caused it! Apparently, 11 people died, thousands are out of work, and it will probably take years to clean up the gazillion barrels of oil threatening the Gulf’s fragile ecosystem, but gee willikers, BP, it’s not like you were negligent and cut corners to boost profits or anything! Oh, wait … OK, so it was one Republican, who later “apologized for his apology,” if such a concept even exists, but that doesn’t really make a difference. I may be a pinko-commie socialist, but if we’re expecting the government, taxpayers, etc., to adhere to the ideal of personal accountability, then we should expect the same from corporations when they screw up, no matter how much money they donate to our campaigns.


On a fluffier note, I was out doing the marathon-training thing a few weeks ago, and I saw a corgi, a husky and her puppy, and an English sheep dog, all on the SAME RUN! It was the best day EVER!

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