Why my getting devoured by a bear is imminent

Seeing how bears are invading Missoula from all sides (or, humans are increasingly encroaching on bears’ habitat, depending on how you want to look at it), it’s now only a matter of when, not if.

Case in point:

Black bear tries to come inside Missoula airport

How to fend off black bear (Though I still think this is a hoax. Seriously, who runs in jeans?)

Grizzly bears moving out of high country, into town

Huson woman fends off attacking bear with zucchini

Chicken coops around western Montana attracting more bears to town

Bear safely removed from downtown Missoula

Brutus the grizzly bear learns to swim in city pool (OK, this was in Helena, not Missoula, but it only indicates that no one is safe, anywhere. Not even at our childhood havens.)

And of course, the always-classic “Bear vs. Trampoline”

What do you think?

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